Our Mission - Our Story

From a young age, I was driven to serve my Family, Community, and Country.  In 1996, I enlisted in the Army National Guard right out of high school to serve my country, help my community and help pay for college; it was the best thing that happened to me.  I discovered my passion for volunteering and serving others, and that initial four-year enlistment turned into 25 years of service upon my retirement in 2021.

During my time in service, I found that even the smallest teams, by working together, could overcome our challenges much more independently, efficiently, and satisfyingly than an over-dependence for others to solve our problems.

Today, as I continue to serve my neighbors and community with my small business, we demonstrate on every project that bigger does not always mean better.

Believing something is one thing, turning that belief into action is another. As combat veterans, our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through our actions and determination of following through with our commitments. 

I wanted to be out working with my hands, helping others, serving my community, and being around my family and kids, all while feeling pride and accomplishment.  Following this career path is very satisfying because you get to help people and instantly get the gratification of a job well done. 

What is essential to you should be important to me, especially when it involves your property or business. The cost of a home improvement doesn’t determine how much it will improve your life.

Why We Are Different

Has your service provider ever become unresponsive or never returned? If we commit to your project, we stay committed.  If we cannot finish your project for any reason, we will find someone to finish it for you and pay any costs above the estimate we provided.  

I am not a cog in a giant commercial wheel where you order a person from a service provider app, and someone shows up to do the work. If you hire me to do the work, I will do the job. Many retail providers send you an employee who can find another job (or be let go) on any given day. With me, you get a business owner in your community; I can’t just leave when my poor work catches up with me.

The cost of a home improvement doesn’t determine how much it will improve your life. The little things that annoy you day in and day out can bring you down. Understandably, contractors need more time on small projects or odd jobs when they are on a timeline to finish that million-dollar house. For me, it is about more than just the money but improving homes, properties, and lives. 

Let's Start With Why

Mindfulness, sense of community, and family responsibilities. Queen City Improvements results from our commitment to finding harmony and mindfulness in our lives and raising our children to be good human beings. Providing a service to our neighbors was one way we could envision our goal of strengthening our family bonds while building character, perseverance, and mindfulness in our children and ourselves.

Increasingly, a sense of community is becoming elusive for younger generations. They are as likely to feel a sense of community in an online gaming platform as they are in the community where they live. I want my sons to be part of a community, not just live in it. One way to emphasize that is to serve those in our community. Be a neighbor that a neighbor would love to have. To think less about what our community provides us and more about what benefit we can be to our community. I don’t want them only to have sympathy; I want them to be compassionate. The former is a feeling, and the latter calls for action. From this aspect were born our community outreach programs because actions speak louder than words.

Many of us have observed an American family dynamic that is increasingly fractured. So, after decades of military service, it was imperative to be a constant in my children’s lives — Spending quality time with them was one of my primary goals when I started this business. I would make every day bring your kids to work day if I could!