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👋 Welcome to Queen City Improvements, a fully licensed, bonded, and insured Charlotte property improvement service.

Our team understands that a well-maintained commercial building is crucial for attracting tenants, preserving property value, and ensuring a safe and functional workspace. We offer comprehensive building upkeep services to minimize disruptions, including routine maintenance, preventative care, and timely repairs. As your building nears the end of its lifecycle, we provide expert assessments, recommendations, and cost-effective solutions for major repairs or renovations. Our goal is to help you maximize the longevity and value of your commercial property.

Are you wondering what kind of excavation & hardscaping services we offer? See below for a detailed list.

Or, feel free to give us a call or fill out the online estimate form. We’d happily answer all your questions and provide a FREE no-obligation consultation.

Jason, Owner & Manager of Queen City Improvements

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Our Excavation Services

The Charlotte area is served by Queen City Improvements, a reputable residential and small commercial excavation contractor. Our range of services includes the most compact excavator operations:

  • Drainage: This is installing drainage systems to prevent water from pooling or flooding.
  • Clearing & Grading: Removing trees, shrubs, and other debris, and leveling and shaping the ground.
  • Demolition: This is tearing down a building or structure. The excavator will use heavy equipment to break up the structure and remove the debris.
  • Landscaping: This includes the grading of land, the planting of trees and shrubs, and the installation of walkways and patios.

Excavation is a complex and dangerous process, so hiring a qualified and experienced contractor is essential. Finding an excavation contractor familiar with local regulations, equipment, and safety procedures will give you peace of mind.


Our Hardscaping Services

My favorite part of my profession is improving the properties and lives of my clients in our community. If your property needs fixing, maintaining, or improving, we can help!

Many types of hardscaping services are available, and the best style for your project will depend on your needs and budget. Some standard hardscaping services include:

  • Walkways: Walkways can be made from various materials, including stone, brick, concrete, and pavers. They can connect different areas of your landscape or provide access to a patio or other outdoor living space.  We specialize in concrete and stamped concrete walkways. 
  • Patios: Patios are typically made from stone, brick, or concrete and can be used for entertaining, dining, or relaxing. They can be either attached to your home or freestanding.
  • Walls: Walls can be used for various purposes, such as providing privacy, retaining soil, or creating a sense of enclosure. They can be made from multiple materials, including stone, brick, and concrete.
  • Water features: Water features can add beauty and interest to your landscape. They can include fountains, ponds, and waterfalls.

If you are considering hardscaping for your home, it is essential to hire a qualified contractor. A good contractor can help you design and install a hardscape that meets your needs and budget.

Hardscaping can be a great way to improve the look and value of your home. It can also provide you with a beautiful and functional outdoor living space. If you are considering hardscaping for your home, be sure to do your research and hire a qualified contractor.

Man building gravel path with wood edging


If it’s broke, we can fix it! Here is a list of our home repair services:

  • Decorative Gravel
  • Concrete Flatwork
  • Stamped Concrete
The back rear view of a new construction home with a covered up

Patios & Decks

Proper home maintenance is vital to maintain the value of your property.

  • Deck Work
  • Concrete Patios
  • Stamped Concrete Patios
Amazing Backyard Fire Pit

Outdoor Living

Undersized or oversized, we can help with your outdoor living project.

  • Firepits
  • Retaining Walls
  • Landscape Lighting

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About Queen City Improvements

Our business began during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020. As the world looked around for help, we clearly saw the need for self-sustaining Families and Communities. It was clear to us that by working together we could overcome our challenges much more independently, efficiently, and satisfyingly than an over-dependence for others to solve our problems – all while living our best life.

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Queen City Improvements is a Charlotte based excavation, hardscape, and outdoor living company. We provide our service in the following towns and their surrounding areas. If you don’t see your town listed, call or send us an estimate request, and we will see if we can help!

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Landscaping and hardscaping are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they have different meanings.

Landscaping is designing and maintaining an outdoor space like a yard or garden. It includes planting trees, shrubs, and flowers, as well as installing irrigation systems and other features.

On the other hand, Hardscaping refers to the non-living elements of outdoor space, such as walkways, patios, and walls. It also includes using materials such as stone, brick, and concrete.

My goal is to provide as many services as possible.  Unfortunately, the reality is that we can’t do everything….yet. 

We specialize in earthmoving…

Excavation- moving earth to backfill and level residential property.

Grading & Leveling- light and finish grading performed with minimal impact on your driveway and landscape.

Clearing – including clearing trees, shrubs, and undergrowth.

Trenching – Footings Digging for new housing construction, additions, and retaining walls.

Demolition – Breaking and removing unwanted driveways, parking areas, walkways, and swimming pools.

Trenching – for drainpipe or electrical conduit and ditch digging for erosion control.

Drainage Corrections – employing drainage systems, french drains, or ditches.

Hauling- dirt, gravel, brush, and other materials with a heavy-duty dump trailer (4-ton capacity).

Debris Removal- of unwanted trash and land preparation.

Stump Removal- Digging and removal of stumps (not stump grinding).

… & outdoor living projects, including decks, patios, landscaped walkways, sitting walls, retaining walls, water features, fire pits, landscape lighting, grill surrounds pergolas and any other custom-built part for your outdoor living space. 

We also offer concrete flatwork of sidewalks, curbs and gutters, patios, driveways, and more.  We also provide Gravel hauling, spreading, and compaction.  (we do not currently offer paver stonework, only stamped concrete).

We do not offer yard maintenance or services.  But I might be able to set you up with someone I trust. 

Every project is different.  An estimate will give you the most accurate price.  By looking at our our price structure for the most common services you can get a sense of what a project might cost.

Generally, we do require a $400 minimum for any project, and this does not include the cost of materials.  However, there are exceptions to every rule, just ask!

I believe that what is important to you should be important to us.  So, we will not start working with you only to be offered a more lucrative opportunity elsewhere and become unresponsive or just never come back.  Typically a general contractor sub-contracts out all the work. We do it ourselves and stake our reputation on it. 

Everyone needs a hand occasionally, so we are always open to networking with qualified professionals to deliver our services. 

This is up to you, but most of our clients ask us to handle the entire project with an estimate that includes labor, materials, and disposal fees to complete your project from start to finish.

Yes, I offer a 30-day guarantee on workmanship.  The manufacturer’s warranty covers materials purchased by me or supplied by you.

It depends on the task and where you live.  Even minor home improvement projects may require a permit.  In Charlotte, check with the City of Charlotte

Have more questions? Please ask!