Is there anything better than transparency in pricing?  It is not common enough these days and even less common in the home improvement industry. 

I aim to include a solid estimate of my site’s more common and most common requests.  Of course, every job differs; not all prices are the same from assignment to position.  But by providing a solid idea of a service’s costs before they contact me, my clients can rest assured that I do not set my pricing based on their home’s value or the kind of cars parked in their driveway.

 1. Estimates

Usually only for non-standard and multi-day projects, i.e., land clearing and grading,  patio, and deck construction, or building a treehouse for the kids.

2. Base Pricing

Typically $150/Hour first two hours, $135/hour for each additional hour, 2-Hour Minimum.
+ $100 for Transportation 

Hauling (spoils) $125 per load + landfill fee

*Price can decrease if there are multiple projects.


  • Senior Discount: 10% off labor for clients age 65+ 
  • Military & First Responder Discount: 10%
  • Primary Education and Health Worker Discount: 10%

In addition to these discounts, I typically run a monthly discounted service that is most applicable during that time of year. I email these codes to those who subscribe to my email and post them on my social media pages. The total discount is limited to $100.


DIY Community Outreach: We have all known someone that could use a hand in life. Sometimes that help doesn’t come, and you must do it yourself. This initiative is about providing services for those who can use a hand and offers services to the elderly, infirm, and families struggling through hardship that might not otherwise have access to those services.


There is a $75 surcharge for emergency and after-hours service calls and travel to extended service areas (outside Charlotte); this work is by exception.


So, What Is The Bottom Line?

We believe even minor improvements can significantly enhance our clients’ lives. Generally, we take on projects that many companies won’t do because they aren’t worth it to them.  We are here to help our clients with projects that we estimate will cost $30,000 or less, while most of our clients fall between $1,000 – $14,000. 

The prices listed are intended as a “guide,” not a “rule,” and the final price may be more or less on a particular job.  Materials are not included in the calculations.